Uber/Livery Special of the Month

Here at Mercedes Benz of Portsmouth, we cater to all customers. For those of you who own or operate livery companies, or drive for Uber, have a need for a special kind of vehicle. The S-Class is the pinnacle of luxury, sophistication, and comfort. With the right options, a daily driver S 550, S 450, or S 560 can be transformed into a limousine-type atmosphere. The C and E-Classes are also great economical vehicles for transporting people around Boston and other metropolitan areas. Mercedes-Benz is currently at the top of its game when it comes to safety which is why Pre-Safe is standard on all of its vehicles, allowing the driver time to brake when there are sudden stoppages ahead. Blind Spot assist and Distronic plus are also common options found in many Mercedes-Benz vehicles, making everyone’s journey as safe as it can be. Please reach out to Bethany Juneau on her direct line (603) 610-6816 for any questions regarding special promotions, specifically those who own or operate livery or Uber vehicles.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S550

2017 Mercedes-Benz S 550

2017 Mercedes-Benz S550

Driver Assistance Pkg & Sports Pkg

2017 Mercedes-Benz S550

Executive Rear Seating Pkg & Rear Seat Entertainment Pkg

2017 Mercedes-Benz S550

Folding Rear Tables

Special of the Month


Ride in Style and Comfort


Here you will find one of the most exciting S550’s we have ever offered here. This one in particular is 4matic to get you through these Boston-area winters, and is also equipped with everything you will need! Starting off in the comfort department, this gorgeous Iridium Silver S550 is fitted with black exclusive Nappa Leather ($4,450), black poplar wood trim, exclusive trim package ($950), and a black headliner. The Premium 1 Package ($4,500) includes keyless-go, Parktronic, ventilated front seats, multicontour seats, and power rear-side window blinds. This 4matic is also equipped with the Warmth and Comfort package ($2,600) which includes power rear seats, rear memory seats, ventilated rear seats, front + rear heated armrests, and rear variable heated seats! Making this vehicle extra unique is the fact that it is equipped with the Rear Seat Package ($3,000), the Executive Rear Seat Package ($3,500), and the Executive Rear Seat Package Plus ($1,950)! These packages include the chauffeur package, 4-zone climate control, rear seat comfort package, active multicontour rear seats, executive rear seats, four place seating, and folding rear tables! There is nothing you can’t do in this car! To top it all off this S550 is also equipped with the Rear Seat Entertainment Package ($2,650) so you can enjoy streaming wifi, DVD’s, or other methods of video from the comfort of the rear seats. Individual remotes are included as well for both seats. This vehicle is also equipped with Magic Sky Control ($4,950) so you can decide whether you want to enjoy the view or block it out altogether! Moving on to safety, this vehicle has it all! Equipped with Surround View Camera ($900) and the Driver Assistance Package ($2,250), you are guaranteed to be as safe as possible in whatever seat you choose! The 997 DAP package includes Distronic Plus (adaptive cruise control), active blind spot assist, active lane keep assist, Collision Mitigation System, Cross-Traffic Assist, Pre-Safe Plus and Pre-Safe pedestrian! Reach out now for more details before it is too late!